Short Stories

Forthcoming, and in progress: A Collection of Short Stories

peachesJuly 2018: I am now working on a new collection of short stories, and with so many provisional titles still under consideration, I hesitate to list them all here.

I have been fascinated by short fiction since the early 1970s. Since that time, 21 of my own stories have been published in magazine journals, anthologies, websites, etc. I have also edited several anthologies containing new Australian short fiction.

This new book, however, will be a first collection of my own work.

It is still early days -- possibly still a year or so from completion. I have not yet decided upon the make-up of a final manuscript, or polished a final draft of same. 

So far, however, completed stories comprise a huge variety: character studies, speculative fiction, tales of the uncanny, hard-nosed realism, naturalistic tales of everyday life, very dramatic stories and atmospheric ones as well. I find all the possibilities equally intriguing, and have literally hundreds of ideas and notes for same.

Again, watch this space. I am yet to approach a potential publisher. But will post developments as they happen.

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