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Welcome to my new website. (Most recent update: Feb 2017.)

My most recent published work is listed in this section. To see major projects I am working on, go to the main menu categories above. (Note: some of the work listed below may be included in new books in progress.)

choc spiralFeb. 2017: I am chuffed that my short story, Through a Latte Darkly, has been shortlisted in the annual Margaret River Press Short Story Competition, and will therefore be published in the upcoming MRP anthology. This is a prestigious competition, and the anthology always beatifully produced and of a very high literary quality. The collection will be available in June, 2017. For more details, see:

cont oz poetry

My cautionary poem ‘Mr Menzies Shows Me My File’ from Growing Up with Mr Menzies is  included in the recent anthology titled Contemporary Australian Poetry, edited by Martin Langford, Judith Beveridge, Judy Johnson and David Musgrave; published by Puncher and Wattmann, 2016: available from all good bookshops or via the publisher, at:



pink shells


My The Beach of Pink Shells, a scifi/fantasy short story, was shortlisted in the competition held by the The International SciFi Film Festival, held in 2015 in Paramatta,NSW, and published on the Festval's website. See: lovers meet on a deserted beach. But is it deserted and what does 'meeting' mean in the context of 'vast time'?

trav talesI adelighted that Travellers Tales of Old Cuba, ed. John Jenkins, 2002/2010/2014/2016 is still selling very well after going into several editions, the most recent in 2016. Published by Ocean Press. See the Books (non-fiction) section of this website for more details. Available via all good bookshops in Australia and internationally.



connective tissue

My two long poems, 'Charles  Dodgson in Cheshire' and 'The Tent at Evening' were shortlisted and published in Connective Tissue, The Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology 2015. For more on this prestigious prize, visit Hunter Writers Centre, at

I am very fond of these two long narrative/dramatic poems, one an homage to Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and the other about a dazzlingly formidable woman of the circus.

breakcover webTwo of my now out of print poetry books, A Break in the Weather and Dark River are now available FREE in an advanced, Kindle-friendly digital format, from FreedReads: See also the Poetry (books) menus of this website:

 Also the free pdf downloads of several out of print books on the home page.



Four of my songs, or lyrics for same, were published in Swept Away: A collection of song lyrics, published in 2015 by The School of Music at the Australian National University, Canberra. See:


Raf vol14iss5Her Ladyship's Pleasureis a sci-fi fantasy short story, full of conceptual play and set in the very near future. My story appears in the Review of Australian Fiction, an excellent and exciting new venture in ebook format featuring stories by some of Australia's best new and well-known writers. See: 

Her ladyship is always nothing if not resourceful. So boring to be just one person, so why not be three people? And as for their particular time and place... well, that's also negotiable.

24 The traveller 1973 copyMy poem titled 'The Traveller, 1973, Jeffrey Smart', was shortlisted (fourth) for the Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize 2015. This poem refers to a well-known painting by Jeffrey Smart, but is not strictly ekphrastic, as it then goes on to consider the anonymity of constant world travel, and the existential predicament of the reflective and brooding subject of my poem, who is a constant world traveller. See:

kelly atr the minesMy poem titled 'Kelly at The Mines (1948)', first commissioned by Heide Gallerty to accompany an exhibition showcasing narrative in Australian art, was Highly Commended  in the FAW John Shaw Neilson Poetry Awardpart of the Fellowship of Australian Writers 2014 FAW National Literary Awards. My poem is a response to Sidney Nolan's famous Ned Kelly series. See:

sun compressedMy new one-act play, Heaven HQ, a sort of absurdist celestial comedy, was Commended in the FAW Di Cranston Award given for a new stage or radio play, television script or screenplay, and part of the Fellowship of Australian Writers 2014 FAW National Literary Awards. See: See also under the Plays menu category of this site.


Three of my poems,'Tea and Stars', 'Spaceclown Reading' and 'A Star Appears',were published in Stars Like SandAustralian Speculative Poetry (Interactive Press, 2014), a terrific anthology of Australian sci-fi and speculative poetry. For copies of this excellent anthology:


red one npaperDecember, 2014. My short story titled 'The Red One', completed in early 2014, was shortlisted for the Cowley Literary Awards, and published in the Dubbo Weekender newspaper (see left) and then on the Cowley website. See:'s just more trains and motels for a travelling salesman, particularly one with an uneasy secret. But small towns always have someone looking through some window. This is a link to a free pdf of this story. 


Control Tower 1969

Major Essay. March 12, 2014. 'Jeffrey Smart (1921 - 2013), a painter's eye to poetry and story; through thirteen key works from 1962 to 2011'. This essay has been specially written for the 'Long Paddock', the online edition of Southerly journal number 73.3, at  Smart had a life-long love of poetry and writing, and this essay is a tribute to that interest, and also to his work as one of Australia's leading painters.


oz poetry members antholWinner, 19th Melbourne Poet's Union international poetry prize 2013: 'When he read the poem in the room above the stairs'. It was also subsequently published in Australian Poetry Members Anthology, Vol. 3, 2014.




In October 2014, I had the pleasure of being hosted by The Arts House, Singapore as part of their World Lit series of visiting international writers. The Arts House has a lively and varied program, in the arts-transformed Old Parliament House, close to Singapore River. See:


My poem 'The Man Who Lost Himself', which light-heartedly explores the pathos of dementia, was re-published in 2014 in Memory Weaving: An Anthology of Dementia Journeys:


My two poems, 'The Rabbit Proof Sonnet', and 'Freeway, flyover and back' were published in 2014 in Island Magazine (Issue No.136) after they won second and third prize, respectively, in the national Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize. See:

little things

‘I Can read Now’, my poem from Growing Up with Mr Menzies is included in the charming anthology, Little Things: An Anthology of Poetry, edited by Loh Chin Ee, Angelia Poon and Esther Vincent, published by Ethos Books, Singapore, 2013. Available from good bookshops or via the publisher, at:



 December 28, 2013. The poem titled A Walk was included in Summer Journeys: Perambulations, as part of the ABC Radio National's 'Poetica' series. (Unfortunately, Poetica has been discontinued on RN, but their website has much excellent archival material:

oz love poems

My competition short-listed poem, ‘Henri Matisse, Spring Studio, Nice’, is included in Australian Love Poems, edited by Mark Tredinnick, published by Inkerman and Blunt, 2013/14; both editions now out of print, but may be available from Collected Works Bookshop, Melbourne:

April 29, 2013: See video of my TEDxtalk presented at Melbourne University: "A Journey Through Marvellous Melbourne": 


knittingA new short story titled That Summer at Manly was shortlisted for the 2013 Margaret River Short Story Competition, and published in Knitting and Other Stories (ed. Richard Rossiter, Margaret River Press, 2013). Order this lively anthology via all good bookshops, or from the publisher, at:



 Ozpoetry 1788

My award-winning poem, ‘Cold Press’ is included in Australian Poetry Since 1788,
edited by Geoffrey Lehmann and Robert Gray, published by New South Books, 2011: still available via good bookshops or from the publisher at:



att cups My poem ‘Long Black’ is included in The Attitude of Cups, edited by Sue Stanford; published by MPU, 2011. Now out of print, but may be available from Collected Works Bookshop, Melbourne:


p w anthol

Two of my poems from Growing Up with Mr Menzies, ‘Six O’clock Swill’ and ‘Push this Wall Back’ are included in The Puncher and Wattmann Anthology of Australian Poetry, ed. John Leonard, 2009; still available from good bookshops or via the publisher at:




writing art

My essay on decorative and place-marking sculpture is in Writing Art: a series of essays on the Nillumbik Art Collection, ed. Chris Marks, published by Nillumbik Shire Council, 2006: now out of print, but may be available from some libraries, see:

My work goes back to 1970, and the above is just a recent sampler