Forthcoming, and in progress: Poems Far and Wide

cockieMarch 2018: I am presently working on a substantial new collection of poems, with the provisional title of... Poems Far and Wide.

Many poems that will be included have been previously published or anthologised. And quite a few have won or have been shortlisted in local and international poetry competitions.

I am very excited by this new collection, possibly my best so far, and particularly as I have just (circa late March) received a firm expression of interest from one of Australia's leading poetry publishers - with more details to come! 

Without being too cocky (sorry!), I hope readers enjoythis work... just as much as I enjoyed the process of putting it all together.

Some poems date back to 2004, while others are very recent indeed, with a few still receiving a final cut and polish! The tone is contemporary and bold; while my sensibility tends to favor an eclectic inclusiveness. There are some longer dramatic and narrative poems, topiaryothers more lyrical in essence. 

There are poems very close to home, some are observations of the natural world, while others take readers to far-flung destinations around the globe. There are poems of wit and humor, and others deadly serious. There are trance-like or dream-like poems, too contrasting with others of hard-nosed factual observation.

Watch this space for further news, dates and details!   

For a sampler of my previous work, see https://www.poetrylibrary.edu.au/poems-book/growing-up-with-mr-menzies-0736000

And https://www.poetrylibrary.edu.au/poems-book/dark-river-0271000


Cocky pic, JJ.     Cartoon opposite, Shan.



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