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Here, the emphasis is on my newest writing projects, works in progress and recent publication.   

jjpiccompAbout: John Jenkins is a widely published Australian writer of poetry, short fiction, essays and general non-fiction. 

A former journalist, editor and sessional academic now living on the rural fringe of Melbourne, Australia.

John has lived and worked in several countries, taught masterclasses at home and overseas, and won a number of prestigious literary awards. He was born in Melbourne, and lived in Sydney from 1974 to 1978 before returning to his home city. 

He is presently working on a number of new projects, featured on this site. Namely, a book of short stories, a new collection of poetry, and book of essays.

John has worked extensively in both commercial and literary magazine publishing, on metro and local newspapers, some radio, a little TV, and as an editor.

He is the author, editor, co-author or co-editor of 23 books.

(A more detailed CV is available upon request. If editors or organisations would like to commission specific work or articles, please contact me about your requirements.)

Readers, explore the menu options and various categories. I hope you find them interesting. Also look for free sound filesbelow.

Cheers, John

Previously, on my old site, much archival material was displayed, which is still freely available upon request.

As a sweetener here, interested people can freely download a sound file, titled The Four (and a half) Seasons. Composed very recently by John Jenkins, it consists of sampled natural sounds from Kangararoo Ground, Victoria, plus electronically treated piano (played by John). Two sections also contain fragments of sampled and treated recordings (one from composer Syd Clayton, another of a Tchaikovsky symphony). Its eight parts are titled: 1. Slow shimmer in summer, frogs, birds, piano. 2. Autumn warm to cool. 3. Syd Clayton and winter rain. 4. Spring, the tempo quickens. 5. Summer night, piano, eagle cry. 6. Summer evening calls, sampled and treated vinyl, crickets. 7. If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck... 8. Slow shimmer in summer, returning

kanga birdbath

Notes: For those who have asked... my home page pic was taken from a balcony overlooking terraced high country of Sapa, Vietnam, about 350 km north of Hanoi, not far from the Chinese border. 


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Kanga at birdbath pic: JJ

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