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John Jenkins: Collected Essays

beean 4 2Feb 2022: Buzz Buzz! Yes, yet another book-length project, currently in progress, and with the luxury of not having a deadline! So far, I have several provisional titles, including Just Looking: Collected Essays.

As a journalist, and peering back through the swarm of it all, I have written/re-written/worked on/edited/researched a great many and varied pieces.

As a citizen of the literary world, however, I have also busied myself with reviews, launch speeches, public talks, audio-visual presentations, and – yes – many published essays.beebox 9 2

My topics have been far-ranging, from backyard ecology to critical appreciations of fellow writers… pieces on film directors, visual artists and composers. Then there’s a history of Queen Victoria Market, and quite a bit of travel writing. Oh, did I also mention certain scientific subjects, plus a social history of the Australian suburbs? 

remnant hneycomb

At the moment, and for the next year or so, short stories will remain my top priority. That said, I already have at least the core of an essay collection: a rich honeycomb of contenders. My challenge and pleasure now will be to draw together my interests into a lively and informative collection... eventually!

Meanwhile, to gain a quick idea of my essay style, I wrote one for Southerly Journal in 2014, on Australian painter Jeffrey Smart, which has very recently been picked up by online re-publishing website Issuu, available FREE here, complete with pics:

Also, here is a free Tedx talk I gave at Melb. Uni in 2013,  titled Marvellous Melbourne. Although it is now a little out of date, and needs to be revised should I ever re-write it as an essay, it gives some idea of my approach:

And an extract from an essay I wrote in 2006 titled Found About: art in public places, published by the Shire of Nillumbik in a book titled Writing Art, has been partly re-published as a pdf file on the shire's website, under the new title of Highlights from the Nillumbik Public Art Collection, scroll down this page to find it:|d13b95b2-5146-4b00-9e3e-a80c73739a64|4f05f368-ecaa-4a93-b749-7ad6c4867c1f|en-AU

Also, for the cost of a very insightful journal, interested people can read an essay of mine, titled Poetry as Cinema, published in Southerly (Edition 71.3, A Nest of Bunyips, 2011). See: Also And, more specifically:;dn=265528082634360;res=IELLCC

Yes, watch this space for more details.

Pics: Beeman, Swarm, Remnant Honeycomb on Tree, by JJ.

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