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About: Here, the emphasis is on my newest writing projects, works in progress and recent publications.   

jjpiccompJohn Jenkins is a widely published Australian writer of poetry, short fiction, essays and general non-fiction. 

He is presently working on a number of projects, some listed on this site.

His new collection of poetry Poems Far and Wide is published by leading literary publisher Puncher & Wattmann. 

See: (where my book is now listed). And:

For more details: see Latest Posts and Publications and Poetry sections of this website!

John has also just written and illustrated a book of silly scribbles and nonsense poems, A Half-Baked Fruitcake of Nuts and Nonsense. See:

He is currently working on a collection of short stories. For details, see the Short Stories section of this website.

 He has lived and worked in several countries, taught masterclasses at home and overseas, and won a number of prestigious literary awards. He was born in Melbourne, and lived in Sydney from 1974 to 1978 before returning to his home city. A former journalist, now living on the rural fringe of Melbourne, John has worked extensively in both commercial and literary magazine publishing, on metro and local newspapers, some radio and a little TV. He has also worked as a teacher, book editor and sessional academic. He is the author, editor, co-author or co-editor of 24 books.

Here is my (slightly out of date) Wikipedia entry: And more comprehensive Austlit website, at: 

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kanga birdbath

Notes: For those who have asked... my home page pic was taken from a balcony overlooking terraced high country of Sapa, Vietnam, about 350 km north of Hanoi, while on a week-long and very enjoyable walk.


followed immediately without any spaces by dot(.) then by jenkx1 then    

Postal Address:
John Jenkins, C/- Post Office
Kangaroo Ground
Victoria 3097 Australia.

Kanga at birdbath pic: JJ

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Free Free Free Download. Over the years, I have dabbled a little in music and song writing. And interested people can download eight sound files below. They are parts of a piece I have titled The Four (and a half) Seasons. I composed this work quite recently, and it contains natural sounds sampled from my place in Kangararoo Ground, Victoria. Firstly, I played the piano parts on an acoustic piano; next, I treated them electronically; and finally combined the treated piano with the natural sounds I had recorded. Two of the eight sections also contain fragments of sampled and treated recordings from other players/musicians (one from Oz composer Syd Clayton; while another has treated parts of a Tchaikovsky symphony). The parts of my Four (and a half) Seasons for you to download, are as follows: 1. Slow shimmer in summer, frogs, birds, piano. 2. Autumn warm to cool. 3. Syd Clayton and winter rain. 4. Spring, the tempo quickens. 5. Summer night, piano, eagle cry. 6. Summer evening calls, sampled and treated vinyl, crickets. 7. If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck... 8. Slow shimmer in summer, returning

Also Free Free Free, please find two short stories for children, Cathy's Cloud and A Hairy Story, illus. by JJ. Simply click on this link: A Hairy Story


And here is an old favourite (click on the following sound file): 

As I Wandered By The Seine

After listening to the above tuneful lament, you might need a little snack. Here is an extract from my nonsense book, A Half-Baked Fruitcake Of Nuts and Nonsense (for more details about this book, see the Latest Posts & Publications section of this website):

Illustration below by JJ.

Marcel the Poodle

marcel the poodle


     Marcel the poodle
     Ate oodles of noodles
     And haute cuisine
     From his fork.

He wolfed down croissants,
Soufflé and poulet
And duos of baguettes
Served with pork. 

    “It’s a mere bagatelle
    To dine out so well,”
    Said stylish Marcel
    Looking great.

                “A true gourmet like me
                 Has éclairs with tea
                 Plus a big pile of snails 
                 On his plate.      

                                         And I’m fond of fondue
                                                           Or a gateau or two
                                         With a bowl of French fries
                                                            Till I’m sate.”

                                                   With a glass in his paw
                                                   Marcel poured himself more
                                                   Bordeaux red and some fizzy champagne,
                                                   Then he sniffed and he licked AND HE ATE!


Echidna at bowl


Echidna at bowl, pic by JJ.


Cheers, John


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