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Forthcoming: A new collection of short fiction

plums picFeb 2022: I am presently working on a new collection of short stories, still with title to come. It is relatively early days -- possibly eight months or so from completion, as I would like to have a good range to select from. I may even have enough completed material for two separate collections.

*Already short-listed, published and prize winners:

That said, of my most recent finished stories, nine have already been shortlisted in leading Australian short story competitions and/or published in associated online or prize anthologies; one has won a major first prize, and another a 2nd prize. (For more details, see the Latest Posts and Publications section of this website.)

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* 2020/2021: I am delighted that my short story, The Stars Shine for Bach, has recently been published in the Oz Music Trust's E-Zine, Loud Mouth. See: Also in the Oz Music Trust E-zine is my story Under His Hat:

Here is another recently published short story, The Flower in the Buttonhole:

** I am also currently hard at work (circa JAN 2022) completing a 'Quadrella of Novellas'.

Watch this space!

* FIRST PRIZE, 2018 Elyne Mitchell Short Story Competition

Mitchell writing awardsMy story, The Girl Who Wasn't There won the Open Section of the 2018 Elyne Mitchell Award, for a story up to 2,500 words. Just click on link and scroll down a little. And if you'd like to read all shortlisted entries; a well-produced booklet is available for $15 + $3 postage. (Contact the Corryong Neighbourhood Centre on 02 6076 2176).


2nd Prize, C. J. Dennis Society Short Story Competition

My story, Rosemary's Summer Harvest won second prize in the 2018 C. J. Dennis Society Short Story Competition. 


My completed stories include quite a variety of themes, styles and approaches: character studies, speculative fiction, tales of the uncanny, hard-nosed realism, naturalistic tales of everyday life, very dramatic stories and evocative/atmospheric ones. I find all these possibilities equally intriguing, and have literally scores more of ideas and notes for same. I have also very recently completed a novella (of 15,000-plus words) with another three on the way.

Background: I have been a keen reader of short stories, and generally fascinated by short fiction, ever since the mid 1970s. Since I began writing short stories, around 25 have been published, in various magazines, journals, newspapers, anthologies or online. I have also co-edited two anthologies of Australian short fiction: Soft Lounges, co-edited with Antonia Bruns and published by Fringe Network/Champion Books in 1984, and The Outback Reader, co-edited with Michael Dugan, published by Outback Press in 1975.

This new book, however, will be a first full collection of my own work. I am now very excited by the prospect of having it finished!

Again, for more news, watch this space.

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